Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer

For the avid cycler, there comes a time when you will need to find a place to do your cycling, but the factors may not be too favorable for an outside cycle session. The best way to do a good cycling session is using a Schwinn magnetic bike trainer, for such moments when you will have to stay indoors. The indoor bike trainer offers you a chance to undertake your training session in the comfort of your home, under a controlled climate, and yet offering you quite a realistic bike experience as you warm and exercise.

The good thing with the Schwinn magnetic bike trainer and most other indoor bike trainers is the fact that you are subjected to do your training in-house, and you may not have to worry about the damning weather outside. This trainer offers you a chance to do your daily cycle routine even during wintertime, when most of us are compelled to stay indoors, and all outdoor activities are quite suppressed. This indoor bike trainer gives you a chance to stay fit, as long as it is in your possession.

Understanding the Schwinn magnetic bike trainer

The Schwinn magnetic bike trainer is a bicycle-riding simulator, which offers you a close to real life cycling experience, by hooking up your bike on to the system. The magnetic trainer comes in a set that lets you hook your bike onto it, and then raising the rear wheel, which then lets you cycle, yet in a stationary position. The magnetic trainer comes with different levels of difficulty, which simulate the normal rides outdoors. This difficulty is usually set by the magnets, which are set to produce resistance that offers you the chance to do your normal training just like on a normal bike ride out in on the trails.

How it works

The trainer comes with different levels of difficulty, with options of either doing a sprint or even a climb simulation. The resistance can be set either manually or electronically, offering you a better chance of experiencing a more real life work out session, just like when you are out. You can also set the resistance on your trainer, to increase in relativity to the pedaling strength you apply on the pedal as you cycle, this increases difficulty for a better burning experience. These trainers are usually very silent, due to the magnets only use attraction forces and do not grind against each other.

Setting up the Schwinn magnetic bike trainer

The Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer is a simple contraption that consists of one part that comes with an attached magnet mechanism that does all the magic for you. Once you have the contraption, setting up is easy, after unfolding it, you place the rear wheel of your bike on to it, and ensuring that the rear wheel lies on the magnet wheel at the back. When you have set it out this way, and securely tied down your bike on to it, you can then set it to either be level by lifting the front wheel, the system comes with a feature that let you do this quite easily. Then you are ready to pedal away, and once done, it is easy to fold for storage.

The benefits of the Schwinn bike trainer

The Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer is a very good trainer and comes with plenty of advantages to you, the user, and in many ways too, consider some of them:

  1. The pricing: For the good trainer, the Schwinn magnetic bike trainer is, it is relatively inexpensive, making it one of the best training facilities that you could invest to use in your home and keep fit. With the cheap pricing, it is not that hard to find a good Schwinn trainer to use either online or at your local fitness stores.
  2. It is a good trainer: The Schwinn magnetic bike trainer is a good cycling trainer, and from the difficulties it offers, you can work out a good sweat, and burn off some of those calories. With a proper training regime for your cycling, this trainer can offer you the best of a riding experience and will help you in keeping fit even during winter.
  3. You get a great riding experience: For a more realistic and more life like cycle, the Schwinn magnetic bike trainer, offers you that. With different difficulty presets, you can get to feel as if you are outside doing your normal rounds, but in a better, controlled climate, in your home. This reducesthe chances of you encountering cycling hazards that are present during haphazard times, like during wintertime.
  4. Space: The Schwinn magnetic bike trainer takes up very limited space, when setup for use, with it only taking up a small area of about 19X19 inches. Another great factor is that, it is easily foldable and can be kept in storage until the next time you will need it again.

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